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  2. [CS1] Model Cerere DNS

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      Here are the rules imposed by our management!

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      Here you can find the latest news, strictly related to the administration of the forum.

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    1. Introduce yourself

      Are you new to CS1.RO? Give us the opportunity to get to know you better, through a simple presentation of yourself.

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      Information about warnings & bans, useful guides and tutorials, complaints to staff members and interactive contests organized by members of the Administration!

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      Here you can find all the information you need to join or open a server in the CS1 Romania community.

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    1. Counter Strike 1.6 - Servere Oficiale

      In this category are the official Counter Strike 1.6 servers of the CS1 Romania community. Join one of our servers and test your skill!

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    2. Counter Strike 2 - Servere Oficiale


      Mode: CSGO| Ip: | Status: Image |DNS: NORD.CS1.RO

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    1. Photoshop Area


      Art, technique and science are not incompatible, contradictory or competing fields, but only specific and solidary. They involve and condition each other. The designer knows that the functional, ergonomic, aesthetic and economic work together to achieve efficiency.

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      Do you want to be part of the CS1 forum designer team? You can apply here in compliance with the conditions imposed by the CS1.RO administration

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      The news is a journalistic genre that presents current reality, which it puts into a communicable form, then transmitted through modern mass broadcasting techniques.

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    2. Gaming

      News, tutorials from the world of games, games and discussions about various problems that occur on a dedicated server or any other type of game; you can find everything about the most famous online games, where you can also find resources for them and much more.

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    3. Multimedia

      Cele mai recente melodii, filme, stiri legate de viata de zi cu zi si mici joculete le gasiti aici! 

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    4. Chat & Socialize

      Discussions between members of the community about topics that do not fit into the other sections, quizzes, various curiosities and daily news.

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    5. Virtual Shop

      The place where you can sell or buy items from the gaming world.

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    • Acceptat. Link-ul de la paypal ti-l prezint pe discord. T/C
    • Nick: xMax    ➜ Varsta (minim 16 ani): 16   ➜ SteamID: -   ➜ Ai experienta in AMX (ani/luni) ?: 4 ani   ➜ Link GameTracker cu orele (click): -   ➜ Poti ajuta financiar (DA/NU): nu   ➜ Ai citit regulamentu?: da   ➜ Cum se numeste serverul nostru?:respawn.cs1.ro   ➜ De ce vrei admin ?: sa ajut   ➜ Modalitate de contact: aamakss pe discord    ➜ Cand poti intra pe server (Ziua/Noaptea)?: ambele
    • Acceptat ! Lasa-mi pe discord: catalin.ozn Nume & Parola. T/C
    • ➜ Nick: ReDragon ➜ Varsta (minim 16 ani): 24 ➜ SteamID: OFF ➜ Ai experienta in AMX (ani/luni) ?: 4 luni. ➜ Link GameTracker cu orele (click): https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ ➜ Poti ajuta financiar (DA/NU): Momentan nu, astept raspunsul angajatorului despre CV. ➜ Ai citit regulamentu?: Da. ➜ Cum se numeste serverul nostru?: respawn.cs1.ro ➜ De ce vrei admin ?: De ce nu? ➜ Modalitate de contact: Discord: redragon69  ➜ Cand poti intra pe server (Ziua/Noaptea)?: Seara cand nu sunt in weekend dar cu o activitate de 30-50 de minute, iar in weekend 4 ore.
    • [ RO ] Model Cerere Admin ➜ Nick:  ➜ Varsta (minim 16 ani):  ➜ SteamID:  ➜ Ai experienta in AMX (ani/luni) ?:  ➜ Link GameTracker cu orele (click):  ➜ Poti ajuta financiar (DA/NU):  ➜ Ai citit regulamentu?:  ➜ Cum se numeste serverul nostru?: ➜ De ce vrei admin ?:  ➜ Modalitate de contact:  ➜ Cand poti intra pe server (Ziua/Noaptea)?:    ATENTIE!! ☠ Varsta minima impusa, 16 ani. ☠ Este interzisa activarea pe alte servere comune forum-ului (mod clasic).* ☠ Minimul necesar pentru obtinerea acces-ului este de 30h.(Momentan este campanie Admine free 0 ore )* ☠ Completarea modelului se face in intregime, fara abateri de la campurile impuse, in mod contrar cererea va fi respinsa. ☠ Sa nu aveti antecedente pe server (limbaj vulgar, etc).* ☠ Sa intrati pe server minim doua ore pe zii   [ EN ] Model Request Admin ➜ Nick: ➜ Age (minimum 16): ➜ SteamID (type status in console): ➜ Do you have experience in AMX (years/months)?: ➜ GameTracker link with hours (click): ➜ Can you help financially (YES/NO): ➜ Have you read the rules?: ➜ What is the name of our server?: ➜ Why do you want admin?: ➜ Method of contact: ➜ When can you enter the server (Day/Night)?: CAREFUL!! ☠ Minimum age required, 16 years. ☠ It is forbidden to activate on other servers common to the forum (classic mode).* ☠ The minimum required to obtain access is 30 hours. ☠ Complete the form completely, without deviations from the required fields, otherwise the application will be rejected. ☠ Do not have any history on the server (vulgar language, etc.).* ☠ Enter the server at least two hours a day
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